Knowing We'll Never Grow Up/Treehouse Split

Image of Knowing We'll Never Grow Up/Treehouse Split


Salt Lake City might seem like an unlikely place to find two of the finest up-and-coming screamo bands the country has to offer, but Knowing We’ll Never Grow Up and Treehouse bring just that to the table on their split released on Stink Cat Records.

Side A features three tracks from Knowing We’ll Never Grow Up, who pack passion, energy and emotion into every second of their music. “Dani, You Have Cancer” kicks off the split with a bang, keeling back and forth like a ship in a storm before breaking down into “Richard Dawkins Will Stab You in the Fucking Head” and its layered screams. “To Elud Life (Kick the Chair)” brings the first side to a close all too soon, clocking in at under six minutes.

Flip the record and you’ll find Treehouse, who take their seven-minute runtime and move with it. Their storied lyricism on “The Thanatron’s For Lovers” is transfixing enough to nearly distract from the pure driving force of their music, and “Varg Vikernes Will Stab You in the Fucking Head” offers a gasp above the surface before dragging you into motion. “ankles x sleep” brings the split to a soft landing place, cementing this release as the first of many classic Stink Cat releases.

Now available to stream online at the Stink Cat Records Bandcamp page, and available for purchase on casette and up for order on vinyl at dates on the Knowing We'll Never Grow Up/Treehouse tour.