Stink Cat Records is a Kansas City-based independent record label dedicated to distributing and promoting artists that we feel stand out from the rest. Originally conceived in 2009, label head Adam Brumback created Stink Cat to create a spotlight for the best underground bands he could find. Far from limited to the Kansas City area, Stinky Cat’s first releases include the work of artists like Regr

et, the Informer, Treehouse and Knowing We’ll Never Grow Up. After setting this tempo, we continue to look far and wide for music that needs to be heard, no matter where it crops up.
This label was begun with the most pure intentions: the sharing of vital, living music that is important in our lives. Listen to any band on our roster, and you’ll hear a truly emotional, engaging artist you wouldn’t hear anywhere else. We hope you’re as happy that you’ve found us as we are about our music.